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Sustainable ICT   Antti J. Sipila

Sustainable ICT

96 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sustainable development as a concept was first introduced by United Nations in 1974. It rose to broader public knowledge in 1987 with the publication of "Our Common Future", or so called Bruntland report by UN commission on sustainable development. Sustainability has since been a stable basis in many of the development plans made around the world. Sustainable ICT is a relatively new field, where work started around the turn of the millennium. This book, Sustainable ICT - A Contemporary Overview, aims to chart the history of sustainable development and describe the current situation of sustainability in the ICT field. Themes included in the book are academic work, administration, applications, frameworks, hardware, institutional and national strategies, practical measures, recycling and worldwide initiatives. For broader context, information and knowledge society is discussed as well. The book will work as a good introductory source on the field and its related issues on the...
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