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A Framework to Measure Intranet Usage in Kenyan Public Universities   Kelvin Omieno

A Framework to Measure Intranet Usage in Kenyan Public Universities

184 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
These days intranets are becoming more and more popular throughout the business world and other types of organizations including learning institutions. This study develops and validates a credible body of evidence supporting the value of corporate intranets in relation to learning institutions’ productivity. There are currently no accepted frameworks or methodologies to compare and evaluate Intranet usage in Kenyan public universities. Part of the difficulty for adopting a common comparison framework for intranets in institutions of higher learning (IHL) is that they are in constant reform and, more importantly, they have strong financial, social and cultural links and implications. The aim of this book is to develop a framework of measuring corporate intranets usage in Kenyan public universities. Factors such as organizational, technological and individual factors are perceived as possible contributors to effective intranet usage and service quality in IHL. Other three variables...
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