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Digital Watermarking For Securing Fingerprint Data   Khalil Zebbiche

Digital Watermarking For Securing Fingerprint Data

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Biometric-based systems are receiving an increasingly important interest since they are more reliable and more user-friendly than the traditional counterpart systems. Among various available biometric-based systems, fingerprint is the most mature, extensively studied and widely deployed biometric modality. Although fingerprint systems are considered to either replace or enhance the security of traditional systems, they are not fully secure since the integrity of fingerprint data is vulnerable to various risks and attacks. The concerns related to the security issue are becoming increasingly serious as more fingerprint systems are being used and deployed in real applications. This book is concerned with an investigation into novel watermarking techniques in order to enhance the security of fingerprint-based systems. It presents novel watermarking techniques to protect both the minutiae data and fingerprint images. The presented works should be useful to researchers in the field of...
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