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Lights and Surfaces   Lilong Shi

Lights and Surfaces

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Colour constancy algorithms differ in their derivation, implementation, performance and assumptions. The focus of this book is to discover colour constancy solutions to recover surface colours, or equivalently, to estimate the illumination, of single light source in a given scene. Several colour constancy models will be studied. These methods have different methodologies and constraints. For example, a method can be constrained on a particular model surface material, on blackbody radiation light source, on dichromatic model, and on spatial variation of the illumination and the reflectance. These various methods presented in this book are invented to overcome drawbacks in existing approaches for better performance and improved robustness and efficiency. The corresponding results of tests based on real world image data sets have proven their success in the field of Colour Constancy and Illumination Estimation.
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