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Inter Vehicular Data Communication   Sophea CHHUN

Inter Vehicular Data Communication

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Technology keeps improving and people keep requesting for safety and comfort. If we consider in transportation domain, the number of vehicles is increasing every day. Their popularity brings many problems in areas of safety and also environment. Therefore, there are many researchers working in this domain to find solutions on how they can improve safety, comfort in people''s life and reduce pollution. There are many existing solutions in inter vehicle communication system and intelligent transportation system. However, there are still some areas that require improvement. This work, we focus on data management level rather than network level. Our goal is to collect all events and then aggregate them together in order to reduce data storage size, package transfer size and response time to driver''s queries; and finally to control the exchange aggregated data process between vehicles. To solve these problems, we implemented an aggregation simulator by using a proposed aggregation data...
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