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File Transfer System   Dr G K Viju

File Transfer System

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The File Security System is an application, which concentrates on the standards of data security and content authentication of any system. The standard of the system should discuss the issues of encryption and decryption standards of data management. The issues of the cipher text need to be dealt as per the standards given by the client. The proposed algorithms need to be worked out in formal way to come through the conclusions of implementations.The Application should manage a portfolio to manage and maintain the user profiles that has participated under the information generation and transfer. The application should take care of the standards of bandwidth and the network jitters that may be caused due to some unconditional constraints that may occur under the operational standards. The application should also take care in protecting the standards used in ciphering the text, and should manage the abstraction of the principles applied from time to time. We need to design software,...
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