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Jamming in Wireless Sensor Networks   Ranjit Singh

Jamming in Wireless Sensor Networks

224 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wireless Sensor Networks are extremely vulnerable to jamming attacks as they are abjectly poor in resources leading to near- denial of counter-jamming options. This book is about a research-work aimed at utilizing the immense synergy of these networks to strengthen them against jamming defensively and offensively. The aim has been achieved by solving the problems of: 1) jamming detection, 2) jammed area mapping, 3) jammer localization, and 2) jammer tracking.The work on jamming attack detection for WSNs is novel as it tackles the problem through fuzzy inference system augmented with 2-Means clustering of node-neighborhood system of jamming confirmation.Jammed area mapping is done by drawing desired number of zones through hull tracing of jammed nodes as per their pre-calculated jamming indices.Two accurate and versatile methods for jammer localization are formulated – the ‘spoke’ and ‘weighted centroid method with jamming-index as weight.’The jammer tracking system, an earnest...
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