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Quality Assurance of Web Design   G. Sreedhar and A. Anandaraja Chari

Quality Assurance of Web Design

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today, web is not only an information resource but also it is becoming an automated tool in various applications. Due to the increasing popularity of WWW, one can be very cautious in designing the website. Poor and careless web design leads to hardship to public utility and does not serve the purpose. If the website is not designed properly, the user may face many difficulties in using the website. Despite of many recommendations, ideas and guidelines, designing a quality website is still a burning problem. The quality assurance techniques for web applications generally focus on the prevention of web failure or the reduction of chances for such failures. Due to the unceasing growth of web sites and applications, developers and evaluators have interesting challenges not only from the development but also from the quality assurance point of view.
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