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An ANT perspective of the as-lived experiences in IS projects   Flora Mpazanje and Kosheek sewcchurun

An ANT perspective of the as-lived experiences in IS projects

248 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As-lived experiences in IS projects-ANT Projects are a popular vehicle for realising business objectives. In the IS field like in other fields, most endeavours are implemented in the form of projects. Sadly, two out three projects fail. Rethinking and deepening understanding of the PM practice seams to be the solution. This research project was aimed at exploring and describing the as- lived experience of practitioners in an IS project network. The study results reveal that an IS project start-up is neither simple nor straightforward; Instead it is a lengthy winding process. The study also reveals that IS project objectives are not cast in stone; they are instead refined and reshaped by the interactions that take place among actors in the project network. Personal interests were found to drive the actors'' passion and commitment for project success. The study also widens the perspective with which the involvement of operational system users can be considered. This...
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