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A Novel Software Cost Estimation Techniques using Fuzzy Methods   N. V. R. Swarup Kumar Javvadhi

A Novel Software Cost Estimation Techniques using Fuzzy Methods

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Momentarily software cost estimation has protrusive role in software engineering practice. The most desired capabilities of any software development organization are its cost estimation for software projects. It helps the customers to make successful investments and also assist software project manager in making sustainable decisions during project execution. In order to fulfill the requirements of cost estimation, time effective software is required. By keeping in view of all these requirements, my book introduces a novel models of interval type-1 and type-2 fuzzy logic estimation effort in software in software development. This book touches upon MATLAB which is tuning parameter for various cost estimation model. published software projects data model performance is used along with comparison of my novel model and existing ubiquitous models.
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