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Theory of Resource Allocation for Robust Distributed Computing   Jorge E. Pezoa

Theory of Resource Allocation for Robust Distributed Computing

136 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Lately, distributed computing (DC) has emerged in several application scenarios such as grid computing, high-performance and reconfigurable computing,wireless sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks,and donation grids. When DC is performed in these scenarios, the distributed computing system (DCS) supporting the applications not only exhibits heterogeneous computing resources and a significant communication latency, but also becomes highly dynamic due to the communication network as well as the computing servers are affected by a wide class of anomalies that change the topology of the system in a random fashion. These anomalies exhibit spatial and/ortemporal correlation, may inflict a large amount of damage to the system, and induce further failures in other servers. In order to provide a robust DC environment in the presence of component failures, it is key to develop a general framework for accuratelymodeling the complex dynamics of a DCS. In this book a general probabilistic...
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