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ICT in rural New Zealand   Fouad Shiblaq

ICT in rural New Zealand

248 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book highlights a new divide of the new millennium called the Digital Divide (DD) added to the existing divides between nations. The Digital Divide has many forms, which it exists internationally between nations, and it exists nationally in one country, between urban and rural areas. Where urban areas have very good telecommunication infrastructure, the rural areas still strive for decent telecommunication infrastructure based on Return On Investment (ROI). I have categorised the countries worldwide into four categories based on money and technology: developed countries that have both money and technology; developing countries that have technology only can sell it to get money; developing countries that have money can buy technology; but countries that have neither, have (DD). Research is not generally done simply for the research itself. It is usually done in relation to a specific outcome or action in the world of practice and what this means is that the research use is...
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