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Radio Resource Management and Modelling for Wireless Mobile Networks   Aymen I. Zreikat

Radio Resource Management and Modelling for Wireless Mobile Networks

216 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Resource Management and Modelling of wireless mobile networks is of major interest within the research community. In Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS),which is based on WCDMA,providing multimedia services,cells have dynamic coverage and capacity that depend on the interference levels and the number of active connections in the cell. Therefore,there is a major need to introduce new Call Admission Control Algorithms(CACAs)that manage the operations of the network in an efficient way and assure better Quality of Service(QoS).The main objectives of this book is to study the resource Management and Modelling of UMTS network via the derivation of the capacity bounds in multi-service UMTS systems in different propagation environments and to introduce an efficient CACA to provide acceptable performance of the 3G wireless networks.Capacity bounds are derived for multi-service UMTS.Based on these expressions,a new CACA is introduced in a UMTS cell for uniform and non-uniform...
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