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Colour Measurement Using Mobile Phone Camera   Ilja Zegars

Colour Measurement Using Mobile Phone Camera

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The purpose of this book was to analyse the colour measurement on different Android based smart phones. The results are compared and presented in simple explainable form. Colour measurement strategy is described in this thesis, so the application has been devel-oped entirely for this purpose. An Android application was created for the thesis, which uses Android camera to pick col-our from the camera view. The application is written on Android Java. Multiple colour recognition algorithms are implemented in the code and explained in the thesis. The results show that colour recognition using smartphone camera is not reliable and can give results that are far from the actual result. The result depends on multiple factors, such as the factory settings of the camera chip, lighting of the object and colour calibration. In future it is possible to get more reliable results, if the camera calibration is implemented in the application, requiring user to calibrate the camera for...
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