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Development of a Commercially Viable Website for Road Transportation   Bilkisu Muhammad-Bello

Development of a Commercially Viable Website for Road Transportation

168 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An efficient transport system is an essential ingredient for a thriving and growing economy. The road transport management system in Nigeria is ineffective and has resulted to inefficient public transportation services. There is lack of information on the schedules of the transport service companies in Nigeria. Travel in Nigeria is thus problematic and painful for many as it is frequently stalled by inconveniences and inefficiencies. This book therefore commenced with a secondary research to gain more insight into the problems of the Nigerian road transportation sector with intent to offering an optimal solution using IT. Subsequently, a website which effectively meets the needs of the stakeholders whilst evading most of the identified problems was developed. In principle, this book focuses on the creation of a business enterprise that harnesses the power of IT to effectively meet the demands of the major stakeholders, and as a consequence gain competitive edge over the current...
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