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Business Intelligence for financial crime detection   Esther Gyimah

Business Intelligence for financial crime detection

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The financial services industry today is fast developing and Information Technology (IT) has played a major role in this development. So that to meet business needs effectively, financial institutions are adopting innovative technologies that can support strategic decision-making based on improved information management – especially in processing the large volumes of data they collect from day-to-day financial transactions, so as to achieve competitiveness in the financial marketplace. In recent years, Business Intelligence (BI) has emerged as an effective and innovative information analysis technology for business organizations. And especially in the area of financial crime detection, there has been a growing concern for financial institutions worldwide because large amounts of moneys are lost to these crimes yearly. The results of this research have shown how well Business Intelligence, a rather new concept in developing countries is being adopted by financial institutions in...
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