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Integration of Web Services and Agent technologies   Ahmed Sallam

Integration of Web Services and Agent technologies

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Web service technology is one of the trend technologies in computer science now, and recently with the rapid growth of web services deployed with the same functionality, many researches proposed selection systems to automatically rank and select the optimum web service between the deployed candidates. However, the role of these systems limited at selecting the optimal web service only, and they did not introduce a direct solution to step over failure situations in real time systems with out changing the client application. In this work, we introduce a new automated web services supervision system based on Multi Agents System platform named JADE to provide two tasks. First, to select the optimal web service with respect to users’ preferences based on changeable Quality of Service (QoS)criteria in dynamic environment; Second, to take advantage of agents’ technology to manage, monitor the communication between services and clients, and automatically manipulate connection failures.
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