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Color Image Watermarking Using MATLAB   Amit Phadikar

Color Image Watermarking Using MATLAB

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Now-a-days an image is very much essential for daily life applications such as satellite television, medical imaging, and computer tomography etc. However, using the form of digital media, the art works can be duplicated without any quality degradation. This property of digital technology has encouraged thieves and discouraged the creator of the digital art works. The security and fair use of multimedia data are important, as well as challenging problems. This book focuses on theory, related research works and design of two robust region specific watermarking methods for color images. The first algorithm is in spatial domain, while the second one is in wavelet domain. In the both algorithms, quadtree is used to find the watermarking regions, while channel coding is used to improve the robustness of the both schemes. Moreover, MATLAB code is given at the end of the book for better understanding of the above algorithms. This book would be useful for research scholars, manufacturers &...
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