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Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Information System   CAMILIUS SANGA,F. Kadeghe and F.T.M. Kilima

Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Information System

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The concepts presented in this book originate from the need of information system to help in projects monitoring and evaluation. Essentially the manual system for monitoring and evaluation of projects which are conducted at Sokoine University of Agriculture under EPINAV have been tranformed to computerised system. The advantages of using information system in monitoring and evaluation of agricultural projects in developing countries have been well presented. The author of this book hope that it will be useful for those who are responsible for project management in any organization. Also, it will be useful to undergradute students doing final year project in either BSc. Informatics or related subjects. Furthermore, it will be of great importance to the researchers and project funders (example Government) who need to track the progress of project per allocated resources.
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