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Websites of Scientific and Research Institutions in India   Shashank Sonwane

Websites of Scientific and Research Institutions in India

476 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Scientific, Educational and Research Institutions have to provide quality information, speedily and pin-pointedly so as to meet the information needs of the decision makers, research scholars and scientists for their intended reasons. Due to the developments in IT, e-resources are playing important role in dissemination of knowledge. Nearly every institute is developing its own web site. The users interested in pursing a research career in Scientific and Research area access the websites for authentic and reliable information. To determine value or goodness of information provided implies the necessity to evaluate the information provided on their web sites on Internet. The present study “Websites of Scientific Research Institutions in India: An Analytical Study” was carried out on 277 Scientific and Research Institutions and libraries of these institutions. Information was collected from their web sites as well as using a structured questionnaire separately designed for web...
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