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MEDICAL EXPERT SYSTEM Theory, Implementation and Application   Atiya Masood and Masood Rana

MEDICAL EXPERT SYSTEM Theory, Implementation and Application

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“What we have to learnt to do we learn by doing” (Aristotle). In the modern age of specialization, where all the knowledge sets aside in the care of domain. Domain Experts become an increasingly important individual contributing to their specific domain. These experts rely heavily on their knowledge, inferring ability, heuristic & intuition to solve the problem of concerning domain. With the emergence of computer science, we started giving a dimension to problem solving by using the outstanding processing ability of computers. As the problem solving approach of domain experts is more heuristic & natural in its appearance. Therefore, the field of Artificial Intelligent (AI) serves the cause to solve the problem in more realistic & natural way. Inspired by the modern technique of AI, we destined to make Medical Expert System that would prove it assistance in medical domain.
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