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Face detection,classification and transformation android application   Anum Haroon and Sadaf Iqbal

Face detection,classification and transformation android application

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book sheds light on an android application project. The project is aimed to develop an android application which would take an image through camera at the run time and after storing the image it would detect if it is the image of a face or not. Once it detects the face in the image it would classify the basic highlighted facial features for example eyes, lips and nose. After classification, the application converts the image into a cartoon version of the person itself. In order to further refine the cartoon image multiple effects are being applied. Before display the final modified image, the cartoon image is passed through an activity where it is over-layed by multiple accessories. Use of such applications is increasing due to its potential use in gaming industry, also in social media where using original image may not be preferred option in entertainment industry.
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