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ICT and the Education sector in Tanzania   Kristofa Sosten Nkembo,Daniel Koloseni and Faith Shimba

ICT and the Education sector in Tanzania

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Academic Institutions are heavily investing in ICT in order to improve delivery and quality of education. But the process of introducing and applying ICT in Higher learning institutions is not effective to enable higher learning Institutions to reap fully the benefits offered by ICT. This book describes a number of factors that hindered the introduction and application of ICT at Ardhi University, which are limited ICT infrastructure, inadequate ICT personnel, inadequate training provided to staff, limited support services, inadequate financial resources,and insufficient budget for ICT infrastructure. Further it recommends among other things, improvement of ICT infrastructure, increasing the number of ICT personnel to support the student and staff population, training and education to staffs in order to equip them for better application of ICT, enforcement of ICT policy, establishment of dedicated department that provides ICT support and inclusion of ICT issues in Strategic plans.
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