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Computational Intelligence for On-line Collaborative Learning   Santi Caballe

Computational Intelligence for On-line Collaborative Learning

332 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Modern on-line collaborative learning (CSCL) environments no longer depend on homogeneous groups, static content and resources, and single pedagogies but high customization and flexibility are a must. These and other demanding CSCL technological and pedagogical needs represent a great challenge for the research community to satisfy. To this end, this book proposes an innovative multi-fold approach in the form of a computational model for knowledge-centered distributed learning. The main contributions are (i) a complete framework for an exhaustive and efficient management and analysis of the interaction data generated during CSCL practices, (ii) an advanced reuse-based software engineering methodology for developing CSCL applications in an effective and timely fashion (iii) the leveraging of distributed and Grid infrastructure to greatly enhance the effectiveness of the learning process, and (iv) an analytical multi-evaluation process of the effects of the previous approaches in the...
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