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Smart Grid Simulator   Andrei Ursachi,Ivan Nachev and Ali El-Jechy

Smart Grid Simulator

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
What do we do with all the information available to us? Do we take advantage of it? Can the weather forecast be used differently besides predicting the temperatures and whether we have to take an umbrella or not?Are the prices for electricity only used to find out how much we have to pay for the energy bill? The Smart Grid Simulator is a computer software which has as the main purpose to lower the energy bill in an optimized price efficient way for private households, companies or energy providers. It combines the energy provided by a number of solar modules and wind turbines with the consumption of one household or a cluster of nearby households and information regarding weather conditions and energy prices in order to predict the amount of energy that can be produced by renewable energy sources and the amount of energy that will be bought from the distributor for the following day. The user of the system will not only be able to minimize his expenditures on energy bills, but also...
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