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The Easy-Learning Platform: Concept and Solution   Radu Radescu

The Easy-Learning Platform: Concept and Solution

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
eLearning enables a quick and always improvable interaction between the tutor (teacher) and the student (user), who can access information from any point. Interactivity is provided by the possibilities, which are virtually endless, of multimedia formats (combination of text, sound, still images and moving images, animation, etc.) combined with hyperlink mode, focusing both on learning and integrate, as well as on practice and application. The Easy-Learning platform may be considered a good way of real-time distance interaction between tutor and students, under the supervising of an administrator. The actual version of the platform was built both to add new facilities on the menu and to transpose the old ones in an optimal shape much more safe, manageable and maintainable. Using the Symfony framework, a robust and heavily tested framework proved to be a very inspired choice, which can now permit the new platform to be more flexible and versatile, to sustainably develop in an organized...
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