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Exploring Open Source Software Localization Methods   Yurek K Hinz, Ph.D.

Exploring Open Source Software Localization Methods

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this multi-case study, open-source software localization methods and techniques were explored. The study included a comparison of two independent population groups. The mixture of participants facilitated exploration of attitudes towards specific software localization methods and the use of Linux. Interviews were conducted and responses were coded. The results were then compared using a cross case analysis technique. The study revealed that localization models, the political environment, software usability, and Linux popularity, were the four predominant themes that significantly affected the acceptance of Kashubian Linux. Business leaders contemplating penetration of markets in which minor languages are spoken may be able to broaden market exposure by offering products and services that integrate minor languages into the structural framework of e-commerce. However, barriers to acceptance identified in this study may hinder these efforts.
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