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Medicinal Plants   Raashid Abdullah,Imrana Niaz Sultan and Abdul Jabbar

Medicinal Plants

56 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The province of Balochistan (Pakistan) possesses a rich botanical flora. The medicinal plants found in Balochistan area are used for different kinds of aliments whether related to human beings or animals. In the present study about 200 medicinal plants of known medicinal activity that are found throughout Balochistan, were collected and stored in an organized way so that they can be used for the further studies by the researchers in the future. The Database has been made for this purpose which is available both online and offline. The online database contains different medicinal plants that are found in several districts of Balochistan. The database contains the basic description about each plant and its picture and also contains other features, related to the study of medicinal plants such as the introduction of medicinal plants, the phytochemical tests & the tests for analyzing antimicrobial activity. The database is developed using mySQL. The offline database is available in the...
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