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Knowledge Enhanced Framework for the Design of e-Workflow Systems   John Ndeta

Knowledge Enhanced Framework for the Design of e-Workflow Systems

332 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Knowledge management has become a prominent subject for organisation, but often the information and knowledge that flows in a well design workflow process is not characterised and advanced in such a manner as to promote its reuse. We argue that the knowledge perspective is a critical resource for improving how activities and interactions are understood and carried out. Our premise is that it is important for contemporary e-business organisations that the decisions, solutions, discussions and actions executed in a workflow process should be retainable and retrievable. we describe and environment that supports the cycle of creating and dealing with information and knowledge about activities and interactions during the design of e-workflow applications. A formal ontology-based representation of knowledge is presented to support the use of the proposed framework and methods. An evaluation of the proposed framework and methods through web-based survey and action research...
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