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Information Hiding Text in Image   Haitham Hasan,Sameem Abdul Kareem and Jane Jaleel

Information Hiding Text in Image

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sensitive and confidential information is vulnerable to various kinds of misuse when data contained in, or transmitted to / from computer systems they may exposed to passive and / or active threats . Consequently, mechanisms must be provided for the protection of unauthorized access, undetected deletion, modification or insertion of the false information. To meet these requirements cryptographic techniques, must be employed which include, encryption algorithms, that encipher the message (plain text), into unintelligible cipher text, using ciphering key. Decryption algorithm is an inverse transformation used to recover the original message . The cryptography is currently an engineering subject in which there are more facts and rules .The digital image I (x, y) is represented as two-dimensional array of data, where each Pixel value corresponds to the brightness of the image at point (x, y). Digital image types can be divided into four categories, the first is called Binary Images,...
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