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Virtual Sight   Raza Hasan and Salman Mahmood

Virtual Sight

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The system (Virtual Sight) includes both hardware and software components that is applications and integrated gadgets. The wearable hardware part consists of a head-mounted device which contains integrated ear piece for audio receiving, a small camera attached for video input, a microphone which inputs the human voices and a low powered PC which inputs the audio and video from the camera and microphone for streaming it to the next desired user. On the other side of the hardware part a handheld device is used for transferring the audio/video from one user to another and so on. As well as a server is created which monitors the communication between the users. On the software side the components include an optimized user-interface application at the client’s end which allows the user to view and hear other user, a communication framework for server and user by which data is pipelined from user to user and an audio/video streaming and monitoring application for handling the whole...
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