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Meetings in Smart Environments   Rutger Rienks

Meetings in Smart Environments

244 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Meetings are often inefficient and can sometimes even be boring. Probably the best way to enhance them is to start listening to each other. Another way is to apply technology. With the invention of Microsoft Powerpoint for example, the amount of knowledge tranfer within the everyday business meeting has dramatically increased. And since the invention of a speakerset microphone combination a much larger audience can be reached by a single participant. The book goes into detail about what meetings are, why they are and how meetings can be made more efficient and effective. It shows the importance of balance, appropriate preparation and how to structure while chairing. It outlines the current state of what technology can do before, during and after a meeting. In the range from scheduling agents, meeting assistants and meeting browsers aspects such as remote participation, automatic argument structuring and influence detection are covered. The book is an absolute ...
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