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Effective HIV and AIDS Management   Nishani Harinarain

Effective HIV and AIDS Management

368 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HIV and AIDS is one of the greatest challenges facing South Africa. However the construction industry has failed to take a lead in this crisis. If this sector wants to do well financially, it needs a healthy, productive workforce. This in itself should be reason enough to actively participate in this fight against HIV and AIDS. This book aimed to develop a model to effectively manage HIV and AIDS in the South African construction industry. Six drivers (legal requirement, social pressure, business costs, voluntary regulation, visibility of disease and individuals within the companies) were identified. An iterative Delphi technique with a panel of experts was used to validate the factors. Subsequently a comprehensive conceptual model was developed based on the Delphi study. The model was subjected to rigorous measurement analysis, including exploratory factor analysis, item analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and path modelling using SPSS version 21 and Mplus version 7.11. The...
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