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Personalized Outdoor Audio Tour Guide with Augmented Reality   Shanmuganathan Vasanthapriyan and M.I. Isham Mohamed

Personalized Outdoor Audio Tour Guide with Augmented Reality

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sri Lankan tourism industry lacks its native technological aspects. Tourists carry books about Sri Lanka and roam through Sri Lanka. Some tourists depend on Trip Advisor service. But unfortunately all these services and books miss the very crucial places in Sri Lanka. This is quite hard for them and eats time and money. A digitalized system based on Cloud and Mobile technologies that probably enable the easiest way to navigate through Sri Lanka can solve this issue. We combine “Personalization” “Social networks” and “Points of Interests” in one single solution with “Augmented reality” to make an “Audio Tour guide”. Personalization is also being a very trending topic since the introduction of Web 2.0. Social network is largely an untapped source of instant, relevant information about targeted audience. By combining these two, we get what types of places the user likes and easily help him and advise him about the place. With the emerging usability of augmented reality, people can easily...
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