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The Billing Systems of Mobile Telecommunication   Balint David Ary

The Billing Systems of Mobile Telecommunication

92 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The mobile telecommunication market has gone through significant changes since the first commercial cellular network was launched in 1979. As mobile phone penetration reached or exceeded 100% in most developed countries, the judgment of the service has been slightly lowering from premium category to generally available, thus mobile network operators are continuously introducing novel value added services, complex, attractive and customizable tariff packages to sustain the level of service and the temptation of the market for consumers and investors. These new services brought new players to the market and altered the legacy business models. However, the majority of the income is still generated by the subscribers and managed by the point of sale and billing system of the provider. This book details the performance and flexibility requirements of such services and rating plans.
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