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Searching A Website Via Spoken Questions   Mesut Durukal

Searching A Website Via Spoken Questions

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To reach the desired information on a web site can be a very time consuming task when the fact that the site may not even have that information is considered. In addition to the time consuming feature of checking all the pages, the user can also overlook what she looks for which can be regarded as a human factor. For all these reasons, some automatic search engines are developed, at diferent success levels. In this work, a system is proposed which takes the spoken queries from users and forwards them to the page that has the best answer in order to save them to check all the pages manually. In addition, this kind of solution gives users the chance to communicate with the system by asking spoken questions. This is a very important advantage especially for the visually handicapped people. To sum up the entire system, the user interacts verbally with the system and is forwarded to the page which contains information evaluated as a candidate answer to the question. In short,...
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