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Teaching and Research of Computer Application in US Highway Traffic   Bing Huang

Teaching and Research of Computer Application in US Highway Traffic

408 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a good, from entry to master, guide book of great reference value that the picture and its accompanying essay are both excellent. Hopefully this book will be certain help for beginner who engages in transportation engineering and the individual who is interested in knowing transportation engineering and computer application. Transportation professionals are basic guarantee to ensure the design, construction, use, operation and maintenance quality of traffic facilities. During the author’s teaching work in University of South Florida and Morgan State University, the author were able to clearly describe basic function, advantage and disadvantage of each software. The authors were also able to show comprehensive analysis and evaluation process of these tools to students. Besides widely using outline diagram teaching method and example demonstration teaching method which is strong intuitive and convenient for students to identify and digest in the practice of teaching,...
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