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Birdsong Analysis: a Look Inside from Information Science   Md. Mahfuzus Salam Khan

Birdsong Analysis: a Look Inside from Information Science

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Songbirds have been actively studied for their complex brain mechanism of sensor-motor integration during song learning. Our subject bird Bengalese finch has been widely studied for its unique song features similar to human language. For computational analysis the songs must be represented in songnote sequences. In chapter 3, we describe a new approach for automatic detection and recognition of the songnote sequences via image processing. Our experiments on real birdsong data of different Bengalese finch show high accuracy rates for automatic detection and recognition of the songnotes. Furthermore, in this book, we discuss on information-theoretic analysis of these sequential data to explore the complexity and diversity of birdsong, and learning process throughout song development. For experiment, we employ thirteen male Bengalese finches, each with different bouts of song data. By applying ethological data mining to these data, we discover that the finches follow two types of...
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