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eGov In Least Developed Country & Implication of Web Service   Jyoti Khanal

eGov In Least Developed Country & Implication of Web Service

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Possibility of E-Government in NEPAL" "Re-usability of legacy systems with web service" "Resource sharing with web service and data integrity" Over the past years web services technologies have been proposed for integrating distributed systems and applications; it also have standardize the E-Government systems by connecting interdependent legacy systems cost-effectively via World Wide Web. Low cost and high expected returns are the need of E-Government systems especially in least developed country like NEPAL. However, current research is largely concerned with SOA Web Service E-Government solution techniques based on open source, which results in development of a prototype model that is generalized and analysed with the system deployment and evaluation process. This thesis presents a web service approach to support data integration of legacy systems and also emphasize on how open source could be used to implemented E-Government. Starting with general concept of E-Government,...
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