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Structured Exam Management System   zulkifle zulhana

Structured Exam Management System

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The most highly valued activity for a lecturer is to teach but assessing students’ answers is a very time-consuming activity that makes lecturer reduces the time they can devote to other duties. In some cases, when the number of student increases, the marking load also increases. Lecturers are express confidence that they could mark an essay on a subject they did not themselves know. They are given a formal marking scheme specifying how many points they should give to which features or keyword. In order to properly mark the result, an in-depth knowledge about the field is required, thus not every lecturer is suitable for marking. This book which is based on research study that mainly involves the modified BLUE Algorithm with expert system to manage the structure exam implemented at Bandar Darulaman Community College. The system apply BLEU Algorithm in assessing answer written by students. It also allows the lecturer to add/ edit/ delete question from the examination db and randomly...
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