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Multimedia Instruction Objects   Mohammad Daud Khattak

Multimedia Instruction Objects

200 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The pedagogy of traditional instruction design for distance learning is progressively converging into the development of learning objects, supported by multimedia and Internet technologies. However, learning object is relatively new term in the developing countries. There are many obstacles to adopt learning objects from technologically advanced countries in order to fulfill needs of the local learners. This research concentrates upon the indigenous development of multimedia instruction objects (MIOs), fulfilling the local requirements as well as compliance to international standards such as SCORM. The present research proposes an architecture describing structure, granularity level, and aggregation scheme of MIOs suitable for localized delivery. It also proposes a framework for development and re-usability of MIOs. Finally, the evaluation of these MIOs was done and test results provide positive feedback of using MIOs according to local conditions.
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