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Impacts of Usability Design in Software Development Process:   Kamanashis Biswas and Ashraful Alam Farazi

Impacts of Usability Design in Software Development Process:

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human Computer Interaction (HCI) emerged as a field of research with the purpose of studying the interaction between user and computer technology. In the challenging world every system is build to satisfy users’ needs by some specific operation in the system but the more important challenge is to create a usable or user-friendly system. Usability is acted with end-user by an interaction between user and the system. This interaction is maintained by user interface. But to the software engineer, usability is just one of the many aspects that must be taken into account in the development process and most of the case if it is an explicit interest then is considered if time permits.Moreover, there is a trend to consider usability the responsibility of somebody else. Typically, usability is still considered as a test activity rather than a product design activity. In this book, we have focused on the challenges to implement usability design for the software companies and impacts on software...
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