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Sowing Strategies for Rice Cultivation   Sandeep Kumar,Diwan Singh and Surender Singh

Sowing Strategies for Rice Cultivation

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There has been a remarkable shift in the cropping patterns in Haryana, India since the Green Revolution. In Haryana 1.23 million hectares area is reported under rice cultivation with total production of 3.99 million tonnes and productivity of 3.26 t/ha during 2013-14 and around 60 per cent area is covered under basmati group of rice in the province. For manipulation of crop environment to best advantage, an understanding of physiological, phenological and agrometeorological bases of yield formation by analysing growth and yield in relation to planting methods can be of great help in higher and stable yields of rice. This book is divided into six chapters highlighting the rationale of the study along with objectives; compilation of relevant literature indicating the present status of the problem; detailed account of research methodology used; findings of the study along with tables, graphs and illustrations; discussion about the results and their interpretation in the light of...
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