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Modeling with Using Artificial Intelligent Networking Approach   Neda Darvish,Khikmat Kh. Muminov and Hoda Darvish

Modeling with Using Artificial Intelligent Networking Approach

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As the largest body of health care and treatment services to societies, in each hospital the human resource costs receive the great amount of considered budget and credit to the health and treatment sector of a country. Although determining the optimized number of staff needed for each ward of hospital is highly effective on the service quality, it is among the subject that any clear standards have not been written for it. This research has been done to set staff's shift schedule and determining the needed number of staff to increase the model hospital productivity and minimize its costs with help of intelligence systems. Since the presence of paints in the hospital and discharge them can be considered as a fragmented system, in the first step with Markov 's procedures specifications we can estimate wisely about the system conditions such as the number of needed beds and occupied beds which can be very useful for optimizing capacities usage. To develop the model, an approach is...
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