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The Proliferation of Smart Devices on Mobile Cloud Computing   Kamal Kant Hiran and Ruchi Doshi

The Proliferation of Smart Devices on Mobile Cloud Computing

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is an emerging research topic in the world of Information Technology, this trend promises to deliver and promote a wide range of advantage to it anxious markets or clients. With MCC, all the applications that exist are on a remote server enable the individual client machines or devices to access them. Mobile Cloud Computing in smartphone and tablets allows devices to offload functions and data resources to a cloud environment. This happening conserve the power of the smart devices or the tablets to prolong it battery longevity. This book sought to analyses how MCC affect individuals on smart devices as well as their views on network data. The growing demand for mobile devices and its applications are evident that MCC is the next IT trend. The book will also seek the views of people on the cost of applications and battery life of the smart devices as this directly influence the time they spend on their devices. This book would be useful for research...
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