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Implementation of a rewards-based negotiation module   Nobert R. Jere,Mamello Thinyane and Alfredo Terzoli

Implementation of a rewards-based negotiation module

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The motivation for the development of the system produced in this work was based on the fact that rural communities in the Eastern Cape have individuals with skills to produce hand-work and crafts but not much possibility of marketing what they produce. The impoverished nature of the developing communities targeted by the thesis spurred the development of a cost-effective system. The aim of this research was to explain the design, implementation and deployment of the rewarding and negotiation system for small entrepreneurs in rural communities.The project explained in this book aims to improve the services available from the existing buy at Dwesa online portal. This e-Commerce portal sells different items online. However, we aim to attract more customers and keep existing ones. Therefore, the customer loyalty application we have explained in this work is an e-marketing strategy to assist the rural community to sell more items. Improving sales for the rural entrepreneurs means more...
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