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gRUP: a Globalized Approach to Software Engineering   Omar Badreddin

gRUP: a Globalized Approach to Software Engineering

120 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Enhancing software engineering models, RUP in specific, to accommodate and support Globalization and Internationalization of Software. The thesis shows how globalization standards, measures and guidelines can integrate into Rational Unified Process Software Engineering models. The thesis illustrates the integration into the phases and disciplines of the Rational Unified Process elements, presents the benefits attained from such integration, and demonstrates a case study of a fully globalized software product. Software is being developed in geographically distributed locations, and deployed all around the globe. For instance, software manufactured in a certain country, is required to handle a wide range of users, with different languages, character sets, encoding, expectations, culture, and more. Users with a wide range of cultural backgrounds have different expectations and requirements. In some cases, presenting the interface in the user's own language is a must-have...
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