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Engineering Business Processes with Service Level Agreements   Ganna Frankova

Engineering Business Processes with Service Level Agreements

176 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A strong link between enterprise business processes and the company incomes is important. Any support in assisting business process analysts in deriving secure business processes from early requirements analysis is highly required. Enterprises aim to align the service level agreements as much as possible with the business goals. This allows for better planning and reducing costs, facilitating delivery of new kind of services, and convincing management to try new services and applications. While, development an appropriate service level agreement supporting business goals of an enterprise is not a trivial task, it requires significant commitment of resources from the enterprise side. Any automation that can be obtained for this task is greatly beneficial. This book addresses the problem of engineering secure Web service-based business processes with service level agreements from early requirements. The present work fills the gap between the requirements engineering...
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