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An Investigation into Voluntary Corporate Risk Disclosure by Firms   Musa Uba Adamu

An Investigation into Voluntary Corporate Risk Disclosure by Firms

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study aims at investigating into voluntary corporate risk disclosure by firms in Nigeria. The population of the study comprises four sectors quoted in the Nigerian Stock Exchange. These sectors contained 24 companies on which stratified sampling technique is used in the selection of 12 companies for the study. The data for the study have been drawn from year 2010 annual reports of the sample companies. The study employs content and regression tools of analysis in the course of the study. The content analysis reveals that operational risk disclosure dominates strategic and environmental risk disclosure category. The regression results show that corporate risk disclosure is not significantly related to company size, leverage and directors holding. It is concluded that firms in Nigeria are disclosing little risk related information, in the event where disclosed, directors are often reluctant to state its impacts on firm’s financial position as there is absent of any...
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