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The Best 50 Websites for IT Professionals   A.Sankara Narayanan

The Best 50 Websites for IT Professionals

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many people believe that searching the Web is as easy as typing a few terms into a box and clicking the search button. Like magic, in a matter of seconds, links to precise, accurate, and current answers will appear. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Almost every Internet user has used Google and probably Yahoo, and any group of experienced searchers could probably come up with a dozen or so sites that every one of them had used. This book is written as a guide for IT professionals – security, network, system, and desktop publishers, covering what serious users need to known to fully take advantage of internet tools and resources. For those who are not experienced online searchers, my aim is to provide a lot that is new and useful. For those of you with more experience, I hope to reinforce what you know while introducing some new perspectives and new content.
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